TEXT+ will explore the intersection of art, technology, and language. We will investigate the artistic potential of language-based art in a variety of capacities. Topics to be considered include: the voicing body and the disembodied voice, the spectrum of text’s performative dimensions, language as a malleable material, language as an impossible material, simulcra and appropriation, and scales of transmission.

As Digital Language Art encompasses such a vast swathe of work and does not lend itself to easy categorization, we will navigate interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary pathways mediated by technology and the digital realm, as well as many pre-digital ideologies that lend themselves to digital/electronic composition.

You are not expected to have a background in coding or computer programming to take TEXT+. You are also not expected to be A Formal Writer. This course welcomes diverse backgrounds: painters, sculptors, tinkerers, explorers, hackers, composers, filmmakers and maniacs of all varieties. This is the new frontier; make things you never dreamed could exist. Please come with an open mind to new perspectives and new media, as we will be discussing an incredible assortment of Thinkers and Makers and Robots across centuries.

Every week you will be making Things and exploring new ways to make Things. Things can be texts, but they can also be visual works, short films, gifs, bits of noise, homemade electronics, choreography for performance, etc. My hope is that with exposure and guidance, you will tread a weird path you didn’t know existed, delight in an unlikely but beautiful confluence, or develop an artistic voice of exceptional and strange timbre.


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